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Application of current sensor in measurement and calibration of power battery test system
HANGZHI introduced HIU-1000-B high-precision current tester,class 0.02. It can fully satisfy the test requirements for power battery test system metrology calibration.
Evaluation of Power Conversion Efficiency of Wind Turbine Converters
AIT600-SG high-precision current transducerTest platform built by AIT600-SG high-precision current transducer and power analyzer can measure DC-DC converter input/output voltage, current, power and input/output direct efficiency.
Applications of Current Transducer in EV/HEV Inverter and Analysis of Motor Drive System Power Detection
The test platform built by the high-precision current transducer AIT600-SI、mechanical energy transducer and power analyzer can accurately measure and evaluate the electric vehicle electric drive system.
High-precision current transducers provide a measurement standard for the charging stand verification device
Detection of electric vehicle chargers is an indispensable part of the charging station (pile) acceptance test. The high-precision current transducer provides a measurement reference solution for the charging pile verification device, meets a number of st
High-precision Current Transducers for High Accuracy Current Measurement in Railway Traction
Recently, we have released AIT series High-precision Current Transducers for high-precision current measurement in the field of railway traction, and new standards for measuring DC, AC and pulse currents.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Equipment
The linearity of the gradient coils is an indicator of the gradient field stability. The better the linearity, the more accurate the gradient field is, and the better the image quality is. If the gradient field is not linear, the spatial and intensity dis
Medical proton/heavy ion accelerator treatment system
High-precision DC transducers provide high-precision, high-stability feedback signals for closed-loop control strategies of scanning power supplies for medical proton/heavy ion accelerator treatment systems.